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EducaHealth provides high-quality comprehensive health education to support young people in making healthy life decisions. At EducaHealth, we believe that health education is the most powerful tool to prevent high-risk behavior in adolescence and beyond.

Programs both remotely or in-person

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We at EducaHealth believe that all young people have a right to science-based, honest, and age-appropriate information about how their bodies work and how to keep themselves safe. Our hope is that by empowering students with knowledge and information we can help them build the skills and tools necessary to make healthy, informed, and responsible decisions with their lives. 

Based on current best teaching methodologies, we bring our interactive programs to your classroom or facility in person or through a remote learning platform. We are currently offering programs in sexual health education and in substance abuse prevention. You can choose from our sample curriculum offers or we can customize our programs to fit the needs of your community. 

Our programs

All of our programs are multidisciplinary, medically-accurate, inclusive, and stigma-busting. We offer programming both remotely or in-person and in Spanish or English

Inclusive • Stigma-busting • Medically-accurate

Sexual Health Education

Our standard late elementary, middle school, and high school curriculum contains 5 or more lessons. All of them are mapped to the 2020 National Sex Education Standards. Choose your 5 to 10 lessons, mix & match, or let us build a personalized curriculum that meets the needs of your students. We also encourage schools to offer our virtual parent & caregiver meeting preceding the start of programming, so that these important adults have an opportunity to meet their student’s educators, learn about the program, and receive tips and resources for supporting their young people at home.

Elementary School

(Ages 8-11)

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  1. Navigating Friendships
  2. Understanding Our Bodies
  3. Making Sense of Puberty
  4. Hygiene During Puberty
  5. Anatomy & Reproductive Biology I
  6. Menstruation & Sperm Production
  7. Fertilization, Pregnancy, & Childbirth
  8. Your Body, Your Rights
  9. Online Safety
  10.  Human Diversity

Middle School

(Ages 11-14)

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  1. Puberty Changes
  2. Anatomy & Reproductive Biology II
  3. Gender, Identity, Expression, & Orientation
  4. Staying Safe Online
  5. Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships I
  6. Consent, Boundaries, & Communication
  7. Making Healthy & Responsible Choices
  8. Abstinence & Other Protection Methods
  9. Sexually Transmitted Infections
  10. Media Literacy & Body Image

High School

(Ages 14-18)

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  1. Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships II
  2. Consent & The Law
  3. Gender Diversity
  4. Social Media Literacy
  5. Abstinence, Condom Confidence, & Other Birth Control Methods
  6. Advanced Anatomy & Reproductive Biology
  7. High Risk/Low Risk Behaviors for STIs 
  8. Understanding Sexual Harassment, Assault, & Abuse
  9. Sexually Explicit Media & The Truth About Pornography
  10.  Sexual & Reproductive Justice
See advanced program
  1. Understanding Roe vs. Wade
  2. The Dark History of Forced Sterilization & Female Genital Mutilation
  3. Consent & The Law: Real Case Scenarios
  4. Intersex Reproductive Anatomy
  5. Exploring the New LGBTQ+ Culture War

Family Webinar

Partners in Growing Up

In addition to our in-school programming and inspired by our guiding principle that parents are the primary sexuality educators of their children, we also offer an interactive 90-minute virtual webinar designed for tweens ages 9-12 and their caregivers. The webinar covers basic physical, social, cognitive, and emotional changes related to puberty for all bodies and gender identities. Medically accurate anatomical terms and functions of the internal and external reproductive system, and best practices for taking care of bodies & minds during puberty are discussed. Our goal is to offer a safe & inclusive space as a springboard to promote healthy conversations at home. EducaHealth

Comprehensive • Multidisciplinary • Factual

Substance Abuse Prevention

Grounded in the most current research, we offer our customizable curriculum for grades 8-12 (ages 13-18). It adheres to research-based prevention and drug education principles, equipping young people with skills to make safe choices with their lives. Each lesson is designed to engage students through interactive activities such as discussions, case scenarios, and fact and fiction games. The curriculum is aligned with the National Health Education Standards.

It includes the following topics:

Drug & Brain Basics I

Students are introduced to the basic functions of the brain and how neurons communicate through neurotransmitters. Students learn how psychoactive drugs affect the brain, in particular the still-developing teenage brain, and understand the concepts of dependence, tolerance, and withdrawal.

Drug & Brain Basics II

Students examine their own beliefs about alcohol and other drugs. Students then learn about abstinence and harm reduction strategies. They discuss genetic, social, and environmental factors that contribute to substance use and abuse.

Alcohol & Other Depressants

Students are introduced to the classification of drugs according to their effects on the brain. Depressant drugs are presented first with a main focus on alcohol. Students learn harm reduction strategies such as how to perform the recovery position on an intoxicated person.

Cocaine, Amphetamines, & Other Stimulants

Students learn about the effects of stimulant drugs including caffeine. They discuss the impact of cocaine, methamphetamines, and prescription stimulants on the brain and body.

Nicotine, Vaping, & E-Cigarettes

Students explore the health effects of nicotine in the brain and body. Students analyze how advertising agencies have contributed to the rise in popularity of vaping and e-cigarettes among teens. 


Students learn the potential risks and benefits of cannabis products (marijuana, hashish, etc.) including edibles. Students discuss the impacts of legalization for medical use vs. for recreational purposes.

Psychedelics, MDMA & Other Club Drugs

Students learn the effects and types of psychedelics, Ecstasy and other “club drugs”. They reflect on drug references in the media and music, and how they may influence teens. Finally, they discuss the risks of illicit drug adulteration.

Opioids & Prescription Pain Medications

Students learn the effects of heroin, fentanyl, and other opioids. They discuss the impact that the widespread prescription of pain medications has had on the current opioid epidemic that our nation is facing. They analyze the role that big pharmaceutical companies have played in contributing to this crisis.

Mental Health & Coping with Stress

Students discuss how drug use can be used as a mechanism to cope with mental health issues.They learn healthier alternatives to deal with trauma, anxiety, depression, or stress and how to access resources. The importance of nutrition, physical activity, relaxation techniques, and sleep will be discussed.

BONUS Lesson: In-Recovery Speaker

Listen to an in-recovery speaker share their story about addiction and recovery. 

(Depending upon availability)

Comprehensive health education

Meet our team


EducaHealth’s Director & Founder

Estefanía (Nia) Torres, M.Ed, SHCP, is an Ecuadorian-American health educator who holds a BA in Psychology from the Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador and a Master’s in Education from Boston University. She was certified as a Sexual Health Educator at the University of Michigan, School of Social Work. Since 2010, she has taught health education curricula at multiple independent, charter, and public middle/high schools in the Greater Boston Area. Her teaching style focuses on providing youth with unprejudiced, scientific-based, and culturally relevant information through dynamic and engaging activities. She believes that healthy students make for stronger learners. She founded EducaHealth in 2020.

-Estefanía Torres



Sukriti K Dabral, M.Ed, is an Indian-American educator and facilitator offering youth sexual wellness programming in the greater Boston area.  She completed her Masters in Education at Widener University’s Center for Human Sexuality Studies, and facilitates age-appropriate, queer-inclusive, medically accurate learning on sexual health, systemic oppression, justice, interpersonal wellness, consent, communication, and more. She excels in creating inviting, effective classrooms, where students can be curious and active participants in their own learning. Sukriti also offers support education to parents & caregivers as they navigate these topics at home. 

-Sukriti K Dabral



What Clients are Saying

Chetna Naimi, Partnership Director, Codman Academy and Codman Square Health Center

“Nia’s impeccable teaching skills established a solid foundation for the Sexual Health Education Program at Codman Academy. She is admired by our staff and students alike for her approachable personality, candid interaction and the depth of knowledge. Nia’s creative ability to connect and engage, as she taught this crucial life skill, encouraged honest engagement in a safe space for students in grades 3rd through 12th. Her teaching went beyond classroom instruction as she introduced resources for sexual and reproductive health access, health advocates and experts during her lessons and created a safe environment to discuss the health needs of all students including the needs of LGBTQ community within the school. We are excited and grateful that Nia continues to be part of our Codman Academy community”.

Megara Bell, Director of Patners in Sex Education and former Boston Public Schools Sexual Health Coordinator

Nia is a fantastic educator with the versatility to be able to teach to all groups, K-12, public-private, English-Spanish-multilingual, parents, and colleagues. Seeing her teach in mixed English/Spanish classes is magical. She connects with all students and makes awkward conversations educational and fun. EducaHealth brings customizable and top notch programming to fit any school climate. Their sex education lessons are comprehensive, LGBTQ inclusive, culturally responsive and trauma-informed. Their educators are trained in the best practices of evidence informed programming.

Joshua Abrams, Head of School, Meridian Academy

Nia and Sukriti have been working with our students for several years. Each year, they work with all of our students grades 6 through 12 broken down by grade for a week. They have developed curricula that work for each age level, that build upon each year as the students mature, and that combine into learning that is both broad and deep. They have become welcome annual members of our community, and the students eagerly look forward to their return. I have been so impressed with their connection to and respect for the students, their ideas, and their questions. They establish a trusting relationship within each group that enables frank discussions and an appreciation for everyone for who they are. Parents also welcome the preliminary meetings that help them think about their contributions to their children’s growth and how that complements their learning at school. I cannot recommend Sukriti and Nia more highly!

Johanna Faulkner (7th grade teacher and parent, The Pike School)

My son who is now in high school also attended your sessions at Pike when he was in 6th, 7th and 8th grade. He always thought they were very informative and it fueled lots of great conversations at home.

Maria Brown, Science Department Chair, The Pike School

I appreciated Nia’s capacity to communicate the information candidly, openly and sensibly at the same time. She took the time to honor our students’ questions and responded to them with all the necessary detail and up to date facts.

Margie Bailey, Former Assistant Director of Health & Wellness, Dana Hall School

Dana Hall School is fortunate to work with EducaHealth on implementing sexual health and substance abuse prevention education in our Forum program. Nia and Sukriti approach their classes with professionalism, empathy, and scientifically based information in a way that is engaging and impactful for our students. In addition, the curriculum is focused on inclusivity, anti-bias, and uses gender-non-conforming language to further promote healthy lifestyles.

For support in developing your school district’s sex education program, or for more information on sex education curricula and training, see our sister organization

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Are you a trained and/or certified health educator? Do you have a passion for working with students? We are searching for a per diem educator to join our team of experienced sexual health and substance abuse prevention educators. Submit your resume and cover letter to our director Estefanía Torres at:

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